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As Independent Agents, Allied Insurance Group, represents the top automobile insurance companies in the United States like Safeco, Travelers, and Progressive. Not only do these companies provide you with the best value for your money they are competitively priced to be easy on your pocket book.


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TELEMETRICS is here! Find out how you can save as much as 25% using technology to only pay for the insurance customized to how you drive. Companies like CSE, Safeco, Progressive, and Travelers offer Military Discounts, Professional Discounts, Education Discounts and have many other ways to help you save money!! Call us today for a free quote.


Antique Vehicles, Motorcycles, Boats, Travel Trailers, Off road vehicles!

At Allied we have products for all your pet projects. We have Progressive and Safeco for your Motorcycles. Safeco for your Antique or Show Vehicles at low, low prices with great coverage. Boats, Travel Trailers, Off road vehicles call us for great insurance coverage with low prices.

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